The Moroccan handmade straw baskets or basketry

 Morocco country is very know by its skilled artisans, especially in mountains regions. Hand weaving baskets and other daily usage items for harvesting and storing food is a must in our old generation population, all family members in every countryside area know how to make a baskets, a bucket or other storing and harvesting items.

 By default it was an ecolo conscience, but nowadays it’s a big concern of green and ecologic way of life to preserve nature and resources.

 None, can neglige that the handwoven Moroccan baskets and other basketry items are totally green and safe for daily usage and lifestyle.

 Regarding the raw material used in Moroccan baskets, most are from small palm fibers and other plants such as reeds, Rushes (Juncus), desert Grass (Al-halfa) and wickers sticks.

 Our Moroccan artisans generation to generation know how to transform this green materials to unique and beautiful handmade straw baskets, lampshades, sofas, laundry baskets, flower pots, mirrors and other decorative items.

 It’s really the perfect ways to use natural materials in our daily life and preserve earth.

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